— Auto-Burn Cap 90%

On each transaction, a percent of the selling fee is automatically burned, reducing the total supply. When the total supply is reduced by 90%, the auto-burn function will stop.

— SkyFuel Final Total Supply 8 Billions

The total supply available after the auto-burn function stops. We have decided on a small and limited final supply to allow SkyFuel to increase in value.

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A perfect demo of our work

Why is SkyFuel #1?
Because SkyFuel is packed with many remarkable features

To remind a few, Static Rewards, LP Acquisition, and Auto-Burn are the base function and most obvious ones. Some features that are not so obvious but are equally important are Anti-Bots, No Impulse-Liquidation, and Fair-Hodl.


Powers all TokensRocket services.

A Community-driven and community-first token. SkyFuel powers all the current and future tokens creation, launch, and promotion services offered by TokensRocket.


Rewards & Auto Burn on each sell

SkyFuel holders earn passive rewards through static reflection each time someone decides to sell their SkyFuel tokens. Set up to be 5% at the beginning going to 25% when 90% of the initial total supply is burned.


Generating Liquidity on each buy

Whenever someone buys SkyFuel, a percent from that amount contributes towards generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges.


Preventing Bots to Influence Price

SkyFuel Token has been designed to prevent bots and automatic scripts from instantly dropping the token after buying it. We did this to make sure that bots and automated programs do not influence the price.


No Impulse-Liquidation

The way SkyFuel Tokens Fee is applied on each token sell, we manage to prevents all users from Impulse-Liquidation. This way, we can make sure that all users have to think twice (and do some math) before deciding to liquidate their SkyFuel portfolio.



We have designed the SkyFuel Token to be highly fair to holders. With only a 5% fee on all buys and a 25% fee on all sales. The selling fee is paid only by the seller, and we use the entire sell fee in part for statically rewarding holders and part for burning to increase the overall value of the token.

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SkyFuel Fees Distribution

SkyFuel has a fee of 5% on buy (paid by the buyer) and a 25% on sell (paid by the seller) for all transactions. The SkyFuel fees power the three simple functions that occur during each trade. On Buy: LP Acquisition; and on Sale: Reflection and Burn.

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SkyFuel Roadmap



Everything we have done and delivered.


Working On

All the things we are currently working on.


Coming Soon

What we plan to get done to move the project forward.

Official Launch + Airdrop

We are Live - We have launched the main TokensRocket website and all the related services. We have published the SkyFuel Token Contract on the BSC Mainnet.

Finalize the listing on Bscscan.com and Coinmarketcap.com

We are working to finalize the listings on Bscscan.com and Coinmarketcap.com

Tighter integration for SkyFuel

Incorporate SkyFuel tighter in all our services and make SkyFuel the website's main currency. Build a payment gateway for SkyFuel or integrate it into an existing payment gateway.

Amabasadors Program + Refferal Program

We launched the ambassadors' program (with a prize pool of ~ $10 Million) and a referral program with a 5% bonus for each referral. Learn more about our ambassadors' program.

Finalize the SkyFuel private sale

Finalize the private sale and prepare for the public sale.


Launch the Rocket LaunchPad App and services to give all our users and customers a way to put their token sales and ICO's on autopilot.

Listing On Pancake Swap

We have listed the SkyFuel on PancakeSwap to test the token functionality.

Open new marketing channels

We work with various companies and individuals to open new marketing channels and bring the SkyFuel Token and TokensRocket services to more people.


Launch the RocketBooster App and services to offer our customers a safe and proven method to promote and market their token.

Submiting for listing on Bscscan.com and Coinmarketcap.com

We have prepared and submitted our requests to be listed on Bscscan.com and Coinmarketcap.com

Various changes and implementations

We are constantly updating our website and apps and prepare to make SkyFuel the website's main currency once we are done with the public sale.

Hall of Fame

We will launch a hall of fame for all the tokens we have created.

SkyFuel Protocol WhitePaper

Static Rewards, LP Acquisition, Burn, Fair-Hodl, No Impulse-Liquidation, Anti-Bots, Merchant Accounts

Static Rewards

Static rewards solve a host of problems. First, the reward amount is conditional upon the volume of the token being traded. This mechanism aims to alleviate some of the downward sell pressure put on the token caused by earlier adopters selling their tokens after farming crazy high APY's.

Second, the reflecting mechanism encourages holders to hang onto their tokens to accumulate higher kick-backs based upon a percentage carried out and dependant upon the total tokens held by the owner.

LP Acquisition

We have implemented in SkyFuel a function that acts as a two-fold beneficial implementation for holders. First, the contract absorbs buyers' tokens thru the 5% fee and adds them to the LP, creating a solid price floor.

Second, the sellers' 25% fee acts as an arbitrage-resistant mechanism that secures the volume of SkyFuel as a reward for the holders. The goal is to prevent the more significant drops when whales decide to sell their tokens later in the game, keeping the price from fluctuating.

This strategy plans to alleviate some of the troubles we have seen with the current DeFi reflection tokens. We are confident that this model and protocol will prevail over the outdated reflection tokens.


SkyFuel aims to implement a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for those engaged for the long term. We have implemented an auto-burn and also plan to have manual burns if necessary. Furthermore, the total number of SkyFuel burned thru auto-burn can be seen in the total supply, and the SkyFuel manually burned will be featured on our website. This strategy allows for further transparency in identifying the current circulating supply at any given point in time.


A continuous burn for any protocol can be excellent in the early days. However, this generally means the burn cannot be finite or controlled in any way. But this is not the case for SkyFuel. We have added a 90% auto burn limitation (to a maximum of 72 Billion) to the contract, limiting the total amount of SkyFuel that can burn. Adding the auto-burn ensures that the token's final total supply will not exceed 8 billion tokens.


The entire SkyFuel protocol was designed and built to be highly fair to holders. We achieve all this by using the transfer fees to motivate holding and penalize liquidation. We have separated the sell and buy fees to be paid by the seller and the buyer separately. The selling fee is added to the amount the seller want's to liquidate, and the buy fee is subtracted from the amount the buyer gets. With only a 5% fee on all buys and a 25% fee on all sales, the SkyFuel protocol is fair to holders. The selling fee is paid only by the seller, and we use the entire sell fee in part for statically rewarding holders and part for burning to increase the overall value of the token, thus favoring the holders.

No Impulse-Liquidation

The way the fees are distributed makes it impossible for the seller to liquidate his entire portfolio just from an impulse. Because the selling fee is added to the total amount the seller wants to sell, the seller must first calculate the amount before transferring the token. For example, if a seller wants to liquidate his entire portfolio of 1000 tokens, he cannot sell 1000 tokens. He must first calculate the 25% fee from the total amount and must have 1250 tokens in his wallet to liquidate 1000 tokens.

We have added this function to the SkyFuel protocol to incentivize the seller not to sell but instead, hodl the token. Our basic philosophy behind this approach was simple: If you cannot operate heavy machinery, you should not be allowed to liquidate your SkyFuel portfolio. Or at least we will make it more difficult and mathematically challenging to liquidate your entire portfolio. This way, we can make sure that all users have to think twice (and do some math) before deciding to liquidate their entire SkyFuel portfolio.


Another advantage of the way we have distributed the fees is that the Bots will hate it. We cannot stop bots and automated scripts from buying and dropping the token, thus influencing the price, but we can make it more difficult and financially not feasible at scale for them to operate. We designed the token like this to ensure that bots and automated programs do not influence the price.

Merchant Addresses

The way we have distributed the fees may generate problems in the future if we plan to use the token for transactions. To fix this, we have created a particular type of wallet address, called Merchant Addresses, that are excluded from paying the selling fee themselves or any other address interacting with the merchant address. We can give the Merchant status to any wallet address.

We will start with just two merchant addresses, one for donations and one for our internal payments for all our services. By using the merchant status, any payment to buy one of our services is excluded from the selling fee, and any donation to the donation address is also excluded.

We will extend this functionality in the future as we plan our payments system. We will announce on our website any future developments in this direction.

SkyFuel Protocol

SkyFuel employs six simple principles: Reflection + Burn + Anti-Bots + No Impulse-Liquidation on each sell and LP acquisition + Fair-Hodl on each buy. The seller is taxed a 25% fee for each trade and the buyer a 5% fee. The fees are distributed as follows:

    The 5% buy fee is automatically subtracted from the amount the buyers buy and is distributed as follows:
  • 2% send to the Marketing and Dev fund to help us maintain and future develop this project.
  • 3% is split 50/50, half of which is sold into BNB, while the other half of the SkyFuel tokens are paired automatically with the previously mentioned BNB and added as a liquidity pair on Pancake Swap.
    The seller must manually add the 25% sell fee on top of the amount he wants to sell, and this fee is distributed as follows:
  • 5% is redistributed to all existing holders
  • 20% is automatically burned and subtracted from the total supply. The auto-burning process will happen until 90% of the total supply is burned. After this stage, the community will vote to remove the 20% or redistribute it to all holders.

SkyFuel Distribution

  • Total initial supply: 80 Billion SkyFuel
  • Pre-sale supply: 40 Billion SkyFuel
  • Ambassadors Reserve: 1 Billion SkyFuel
  • Marketing Reserve: 1 Billion SkyFuel
  • Airdrops Reserve: 1 Billion SkyFuel
  • Auto-Burn: 90% of the Total initial supply up to 72 Billion SkyFuel
  • Initial LP Lock: approximately 37 Billion SkyFuel (or the Initial LP Lock = Total initial supply - Pre-sale supply - Ambassadors Reserve - Marketing Reserve - Airdrops Reserve)
  • Final Total Supply: 8 Billion SkyFuel

SkyFuel Safety

Our step by step plan to ensure 100% safety of the SkyFuel protocol:

  1. There are no tokens not accounted for. The dev team has received 0 tokens, and all the tokens are divided approximately 60/40 between pre-sale and LP lock.
  2. Fair launch thru pre-sale. All the management and dev team members can buy tokens just like any other community member thru the pre-sale stages. All community members can buy the SkyFuel tokens and receive various bonuses based on each pre-sale stage.
  3. The Initial LP is locked for three years.
  4. LP is generated with every trade and locked on Pancake Swap.
  5. After 90% of the total supply is burned, the community will vote on the final fees and their distribution. After the final changes are made, we will lock the contract forever.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to liquidate your total amount of SkyFuel. Even if you have just a few tokens, you will still receive more tokens each time someone makes a transaction. If you do not want to keep SkyFuel anymore, the only way to liquidate your total amount is to buy something from an authorized merchant or donate them to our donation wallet.

Right now, the merchant address functionality is still in private testing. Once it is publicly available, we will publish on our website the exact steps a person must take to become an authorized merchant and have their wallet address become a merchant address.

You cannot calculate how much reward you will get because it depends on the SkyFuel volume you own, the volume of each transaction, and the total number of SkyFuel holders. It is challenging to have all this information at any specific time, but the most straightforward way to think about it is that the more SkyFuel you own, the bigger the reward will be.

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